My Blue Heaven - Log Cabin Resort in Northwest Arkansas | Wildlife
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Experience Nature

My Blue Heaven is situated on a 125 acre wildlife refuge with over ¾ mile of frontage on the Little Buffalo River. Unlike many sections of the river which go underground for several months of the year, this section with multiple springs has year-round flow, a feature which further attracts wildlife, particularly during dry periods. Over the years, we have done much to improve wildlife habitat including extensive plantings of attractant plants for deer, turkey, and birds and, in conjunction with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, construction of stone structures along the river to stop erosion and improve fish habitat. Several adjoining landowners have installed similar projects and as a result, several hundred acres along the river now enjoy improved wildlife habitat and protection.

Because of these efforts, wildlife abounds at My Blue Heaven, particularly herds of 10-20 white-tailed deer which can be observed daily from the Great Room, the deck and the hot tub, especially during morning and evening hours. Along the river, great blue herons, green herons, and belted kingfishers are common sights. With luck, you might see beavers, mink, river otters, and even badgers, particularly at night. Larger mammal sightings can include black bear, coyotes, and bobcats. Bald eagles are occasional visitors and barred owls, barn owls and screech owls are common. Sightings of elk are common along the Buffalo National River at Ponca, about 40 minutes away.

The river itself is home to small-mouth bass (known locally as Brownies), rock bass (Goggle-eyes) shade perch and sunfish as well as red horse (Suckers), sculpins, and several colorful darter species, including some endemic to the Little Buffalo. Snapping turtles and sliders are frequently seen and crayfish rule the shallow riffles.  Be sure and bring your mask and snorkel during the warm months and enjoy the cool, clear underwater world of the Little Buffalo.

Sometimes it takes careful inspection to see the colorful insects, including butterflies and dragonflies, that are plentiful in both the expansive flower gardens and surrounding meadows of My Blue Heaven.

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